The Tactical Guy

The SUS-TAC AWE scope mounts are a designed to provide total flexability when setting up your scope on your rifle. 

The SUS-TAC AWE scope mounts allow up to a 40' MOA positive or negative elevation using the supplied MOA rings. This allows the the scope to be mounted in a position that providing the user with the desired elevation adjustment in the scope. 

This is especially effective for long range shooting where there is not enough clicks available for adjustment in the scope.



Scope Bore  : 

  25mm, 30mm, 35mm

Adjustable Elevation  : 

  Yes, with 0', 10', 20', MOA Rings

Adjustable Windage : 

  Yes, with 2 windage screws

Material of Construction  : 

  Carbon Steel (not aluminium)

Size (L x W)  : 

  150mm  x 32mm 

Weight  : 

  +-181g  (0.47lb)  (7.5oz)   

Finish  :